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Tower for lease

We continually have an inventory of tower sites available for lease. Tower leases can be for the installation of microwave dishes or antennae for wireless internet or cellular applications.

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Yuma, Arizona


  • Tower Size:  100' - microwave dish and antenna-ready

  • Tower Details:  view overlooks all of Yuma, Interstate 8, and into California and Mexico

  • Parcel Size:  1.38 acres 1 acre is surrounded by a high-security, barbed wire-topped fence. The area inside the fence is also available for storage leasing.

  • Elevation:  169'

  • Building Details:  Central Office buildling is 2000 sq.ft. Has equipment room, office space, bathroom, and HVAC.

  • Power:  three-phase 400 amp power available

  • Data:  Telephone, DSL, and full fiber drop are available in the building


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