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Our former AT&T Fiber Optics Routes were built in the 1990s and were recently retired from the AT&T inventory. They are a part of the infrastructure supporting transcontinental fiber optics communications.


Rarely does the public have the opportunity to obtain these valuable sites.

Capture this incredible investment opportunity!


  • The routes usually consist of one Main Cable Center and a number of Amplifer or Power Feed Stations.

  • They generally have newer, heavy duty HVAC units, 400 amp power and are often filled with their original telecom equipment and racks.

  • The shelters, or huts, are solidly constructed of concrete and are bolted to a concrete pad. They are also movable.

  • Most sites we work with are very clean, well-maintained, and ready for immediate re-purposing as fiber optic ready data centers, above ground storage facilities, or other creative uses.

  • The small parcels are often fenced with high-security, barbed-wire topped chainlink fencing.

  • Since the sites are already zoned for commercial communications, purchasers may want to consider the exciting possibility of constructing a tower on the property and contracting with cellular and/or wireless service for additional streams of income. In this scenario, the new owner is likely to see a quick return on the investment, and create a nice residual income.


We can assist you with tower construction on your site.

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  • These fiber optics huts typically have previously hooked OC-192 connections, which are connections that are designed to distribute fiber optic communications at 10Gbps to an entire city or county. OC-192 is an optical carrier (OC) that can carry 192 DS3’s, which is 5,376 T1s or 129,024 voice calls. That is a lot of voice and data traffic!

  • The fiber connection starts at the Main Cable Station, and the other huts are used to amplify or regenerate the signal over single-mode fiber.

  • Although we can make no guarantees regarding the capability to connect to existing cabling at any given location, it is often possible to connect to this exetremely high speed connection. As a part of our consulting services, we can help you explore and better understand this potential on a site-by-site basis.



We can offer assistance and support in your data center build-out.

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Fiber Optics Routes

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