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We continually have an inventory of tower sites available for lease. Tower leases can be for the installation of microwave dishes or antennae for wireless internet or cellular applications.

Tower for lease

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Kennewick, Washington
This is a very nice facility in the heart of Kennewick. There is room both on the tower as well as inside the building.
  • Tower Height: 60' steel self-supporting; installed in 1989

  • Parcel Size:  .71 Acre or 30,900 sq ft

  • Building Details:  1560 Sq. Ft. (30' X 52')

  • Elevation:  515 feet AMSL

  • LON:  119 -11-08.25

  • LAT:    46-12-49.79

  • Power: three-phase 480 amp

  • Data:  full fiber drop

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