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Northern Nevada



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This pristine bunker is truly a rare commodity. Built in 1971 at a cost of around $4.3 million dollars in 1971, today it would cost more than $27M ( to build such a structure! This is quite a head-start on a building project that would normally be out of reach – except by the government.

The site is located north of Elko on 10 acres at an elevation of about 6,500 feet. The inner portion of the property (about 2 acres) is fenced with post and barbed wire. The outer property line is clearly marked. The building is accessible via a short, well-maintained gravel road not far off the blacktop. At the end of this private drive there is a locking gate followed by circle drive around the main building for easy parking and access. Surrounded on all sides by ranch land (single owner), this property provides a serene and secure escape with amazing views of Lone Mountain. There is vast potential for development both above and below ground. There are also large tracts of BLM land in the surrounding area. The nearest neighbor is over a mile away. The property has water rights and a well with brand new pipe, pump, and wiring (installed in July 2020).

Above ground, the modern-looking concrete building blends into the beautiful high desert landscape. The main entry building has a roll up garage door and a fully functional 6 ton electrically operated hoist and lift basket. The second above-ground building is an emergency egress,  protected by a single massive blast door. Both entry buildings have their own heaters and 4 flights of stairs. (The hoist way could be used to put in a large elevator if so desired.)

Below ground lies a secure, EMP shielded bunker of almost 6,000 square feet. The floor and ceilings are three feet thick and the walls are about 18” thick. Entering the bunker, you are halted by massive double blast doors. They work manually, gliding easily on their hinges, or they can be operated by an electronic door opener. The main telco room is a huge, open space of close to 3,000 square feet with 12’6” ceilings. This area can be easily divided and converted into the home of your dreams. There are several side rooms which can also be utilized for living, storage or mechanical. These rooms contain the original (and still fully functional) infrastructure including three-phase power supply and distribution, condensers, air handlers, sewage ejection pumps, jet turbine generators, well pumps and water storage tank. Some of this equipment can be repurposed, while much of it can be removed, as it was designed to support the telecom functionality and will no longer be necessary if the building is used as a home.

The facility is thoroughly clean in its entirety. Everything has been made immediately livable, which will be helpful as further construction is accomplished. One of the side rooms is set up as a temporary kitchen and food storage area. There is also a modest bathroom with toilet, sink and shower. Below ground, the bunker is remains at an even temperature of between 56-66 degrees Fahrenheit all year round. This is a wonderful feature for high desert living, as typical cooling and heating expenses virtually disappear.


If you are ready to get away from the city, people, pandemics, riots, weather, fires, and other disturbances, this is your dream home. It will protect and secure you now and for generations to come. If you have the liquid capital and are ready to make this one your own, please reach out. Given the state of the world, these rare sites are in high demand. If you are serious, we urge you to act quickly. Full plans and specs are available to a new owner. The bunker is currently occupied by our caretaker, so please do not attempt to visit the site without authorization and an appointment.

NOTE:  All interested parties must be willing to go through our pre-qualification process prior to receiving detailed information on this facility. If you are a serious and capable buyer,

please inquire and be prepared to provide some personal and financial information

and/or information about your corporate entity.


Upon Successful Completion of 

Financial Pre-Qualification

Site Visit:

  • Requires appointment

  • Visit is not free unless site is purchased


Available to Buyer:

  • Building Plans

  • Construction Specification Book

  • Original Manuals

  • Equipment Left by AT&T

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