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L-3 Main Junction

CommunicationS Bunker

Central USA


$3.5 Million


296' Tower On-Site


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This historic communications bunker is one of just three of this size that were ever built. The site cost AT&T $25 Million to construct in 1967 dollars -- that is the cost just for the building -- not including the cost of land, telecommunications equipment, infrastructure or staff. To replace just the building in today's dollars, it would cost at least $110 Million! That's quite a head-start on construction costs!


The history of this bunker is fascinating. Serving as one of the Ground Entry Points for Operation Lookinglass, this bunker has played an important role in US national security, continuity of government planning, and transcontinental communications.


This property includes 24 beautiful acres surrounded by farmland. The massive floor plan for the bunker includes two stories, each with 18' high ceilings and each with a mezzanine level. The three-phase 480V power, water, sewage ejection and HVAC systems are all functional. The facility is EMP shielded, has protection against nuclear fall-out, and is equipped with heavy blast doors throughout.  There is a functioning 5-ton hoist in the entry building. The property also boasts a 300' self-supporting tower in excellent condition, which is currently producing income and could support additional antenna leases. 


The back up generators were 750 Kilowatt jet turbine generators, one of which is still in place and functional. Since it uses between 40-90 gallons of fuel per hour, it is doubtful that you'd want to rely on it for very long today! But it is quite impressive to see operational, and it certainly is valuable.


The possibilities for developing this site are endless. It would make an excellent secured data center. Other ideas include a corporate headquarters; a secured storage facility; a school or training center; or even a survivalist community. Ames Tower Group can provide  consulting services to new owners for data center development, tower leasing/management, etc.


NOTE:  All interested parties must be willing to go through our pre-qualification process prior to receiving our detailed information packet on this facility. If you are a serious and capable buyer, please inquire and be prepared to provide some personal and financial information and/or information about your corporate entity.


Original Construction Photos

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Upon Successful Completion of Pre-Qualification


Information Available in Packet:

  • Additional Photos

  • Videos

  • Historical Info

  • Original Brochure on Site

  • Cutaways


Site Visit:

  • Requires Letter of Intent & Earnest Deposit


Available to Buyer:

  • Building Plans

  • Construction Specification Book

  • Original Manuals

  • Equipment Left by AT&T

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