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With more than 30 years of combined experience in the telecom industry and niche market real estate sales, Ames Tower Group can assist you in locating, acquiring, leasing, and  re-purposing valuable telecommunication assets. Whether its Cold War era communication bunkers, towers, dark fiber optics routes, or cutting-edge 5G antennas, we can help you locate, purchase, develop and manage the right investment property for your needs and budget.

Our clients are small to medium sized businesses who desire reliable, personalized service. Our goal is to be available and easy to work with in the routine as well as in emergencies.


Small cell architectures are the future of wireless connectivity. They not only reduce the wireless footprint but increase the energy efficiency of the network as a whole. We can assist in the installation of 5G network architectures to reduce the distances wireless signals must travel from the base station to the end user. We also install technologies that boost network signal in rural or remote areas providing better access to the Internet and cellular network.


Let us help you construct, own, maintain, and negotiate various leases for your tower property. We will help you obtain an excellent return on your investment by creating a residual, passive income. 



We work closely with an established network of trusted, experienced data center professionals who can provide guidance if you desire to create a secured data center that serves, stores and manages data for yourself or your clients. Click here to learn more about our data center.



Buying an underground communications bunker is a fantastic investment, which gives you a multi-million dollar head-start on your project. Bunkers make fantastic data centers. Regardless of how you want to utilize the facility, we can connect you to experienced developers who know the infrastructure, equipment and issues that arise when retrofitting them. We can help eliminate some of the uncertainty in your building project.



Our expertise in repurposing retired fiber optics routes can help you monetize these valuable assets. We can offer a number of ideas for development and connect you with our established network of partners who will help you put your facility to work.



In a time of crisis, both internal and external communications are crucial. We can help you build a temporary, portable line of communications; create a private communications network to connect you with your facilities and people; set up emergency communication equipment and protocols; and provide training to your personnel.




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